Duit Raya Doubles Challenge!

Duit Raya Doubles Challenge!

Selamat Berpuasa semua! The Duit Raya series continues with the Duit Raya Doubles Event on the 21st of March 2024! The Duit Raya Doubles Event is our FIRST event featuring 3 prize pools!!! Yes you got that right, 3 prize pools which means more oppotunities for bowlers to cash out their duit raya!


The 3 prize pools consists of the Team main prize, Raya Jackpot prizes, and Duit Raya lucky draw giveaway!

Team Main Prize - Doubles partners with the highest scores after completing 4 games each will win the total prize!

Raya Jackpot - The Value will vary based on the difficulty of the Jackpot! Total Prize Pool for the jackpot will be revealed on the day of the event!

Duit Raya Giveaway - After completing their 4+4 doubles series, individual bowlers who finished positions 7th and below are entitled for a Duit Raya Lucky Draw giveaway! Winners will be picked right after prize presentation for the Team Main Prize! 

The oiling pattern for the Doubles Event is the heavy oil - long pattern 45ft Lemang! The recommended ball to bring is high performance as there is plenty of oil on the lanes - 30ml!


Book your Thursday night and register at our bowling counter! Join in the fun with us at Sunway Megalanes!

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